4 Lovely little charms to make a special teddy even more special..

4 pieces. (photo only shows what's on the back)
   Silver plated little charms.
$ 1,50
HI, welcome to my fun page.

This is a " add to my box " page.. so wenn youre sure you've bought enought 
mohair that it will fit a box and you're sure no shipping will be added if you buy from this page...get it.. ! 

 this page you will find hand made stuff ( by me ) :
   Like my temari balls !
   Bears from artist..
   OH..and just fun stuff..

I stopped selling these because shipping went up so crazy 2 years ago.
But i've you're order is big enough for a box... well, you've paid the shipping then already, and adding one of these items is not a problem   :O)
SOOOOO, all these items can be bought, they will allway's fit the boxes.
So don't ad a bear of a temariball or any thing if you ordered fabric that will fit a envelope ( unless you really want to pay for a box ).
Hmm.. hoop this makes sence.. .if not .. MAIL ME, okee

Felt beads.
Different sets, different amounts and colors
Colors can NOT BE SWAPPED !
more comming soon !
Felt beads "carneval"
5 beads 

10 mm   Price 1.00$
Felt beads "pinkies"
6 beads 

10 mm   Price 1.20$
Felt beads "greens"
8 beads 

10 mm   Price 1.60$
Felt beads "bl/w"
2 beads 

10 mm   Price 0.40$
Felt beads "greens"
8 beads 

15 mm   Price 2.00$
Felt beads "pinkies"
7 beads 

15 mm   Price 1.75$
Felt beads "carneval"
6 beads 

15 mm   Price 1.50$
Color / size options.