NEW Position eye's :O) 
HI, I've worked really hard to make this website.
But I'm still learning, and if you have any troubles downloading or viewing the site PLEASE let me know..if its too slow, if its too big..
                                o just any problem.. 
                                                   THANKS so much

                                                             Bear hugs, gertie
Nederlandse klant ????
    Hello, welcome to my store..

On the right you can see the menu, its divided in fabric sizes.
The shorter the pile the smaller the pieces... perfect if you like to buy more colors from one series..

You can check out with PAYPAL, since most of my orders are in 350 gramm envelopes, I've now added the shipping at checkout, this will be 10 dollar.. IF..big if, shipping is more I will send a invoice for the rest..if its less, i'll refund.

If you do not have a paypal account you still can check out via credit-card  ! !
If you have any question.. just mail me, I looooove mail :O)                                                    

MAILING LIST.. I don✧t work with a mailing list any more.. if you like to know what new, then go visit my page on face book often.
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My email button don't seems to work sometimes ! 
If you like to contact me, klik or mail me at:
NEW Series..
      Click the photo.
Patterns for sale from my bears / whoezels / doggy's.
Click on photo above..
Standaard PayPal-logo
VV now in 27 ! ! colors
 klik HIER

LC, new curly mohair.
Temporary tipped mohair
Nylbond now also in colors.
FL... felted longpile...
GEM..with 10% black hair
Teddy bears and doggy's up for..
Shipping has changed ! Envelopes now up to 350 gram BUT,... thinkess is still the same. 32 MM
Corona news.
Sadly due to corona, shipping has gone up.
A signed for parcel is now 33 dollar.
Standard parcel is now 25 dollar..
Envelopes are 13 dollar.
And some countries I can't send too.

This is temporary ! ! ! !
For now ( due to Corona ), ONLY shipping with track/trace. 
Email me for more info, I only send without tracking if buyers is willing to take risk. TOO CRAZY NOW !